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A little about our time together


 How do I imagine our lovely experience together?
  Beginning softly, with a seductive dinner together and then experiencing a romantic and highly pleasurable night in each other's arms! Passion, mutual pleasure, sensuality and sweet relaxation combined with elegance and well manners. Or do you find intelligence and creativity attractive? I believe we should connect them all! There is an endless road of delightful pleasures that I would like us to explore together.
      I give importance to the art of seduction and the chemistry between partners. My desire is to build a relationship that will allow us to relax and enjoy each other, wishing to experience mutual pleasure, affection and connection with you.
     My personality is sweet and creative; looking to enjoy my encounter, to feel natural and comfortable. Vulgarities are out of my areas and will never be part of my behaviour. If I do not feel comfortable in your presence, decently will inform you about this. But I am sure will not be the case. I wish you are an educated gentleman who will treat me with respect. You will find me at peace with myself, with self-respect and respect for others, and with the sense of humour. I desire you to have the same qualities.

     Will bring me an immense satisfaction to travel together to a captivating place where we can devote time to each other. To disconnect from the noisy city and daily routine, plan together our activities in a pleasurable environment and spend valuable moments of leisure and enjoyment till our energy levels and clarity of the mind are back or even stronger than they have been before.

    I would love to spend the night together, to have a luscious sleep and a fresh wake up in each other's arms, enjoy a healthy breakfast in the morning and after, have a romantic shower together.

    Will make me so glad to receive your invitation to dinner or social and cultural events where we can discover each other and enjoy the pleasurable art of seduction (I like Opera, Arts, Photography and Theatre).  

    I am passionate about sports and would be a pleasure to attend sports events in London or abroad in your beautiful company.

    Kindly I wish to share with you that my wardrobe is discreet, decent and classy. During the day I prefer to dress smart casual, and for the evening and according to with the event, I like to dress in an elegantly casual style and decent.

   For our private moments, I would like to wear a few of my beautiful collections of fine lingeries; my favourite colours are black, red and white. When comes to clothes and lingerie, I wish to encourage you to email me your desires.

  London is my hometown for three years. I will be honoured to be your guide and inspiration during your visit here. Whenever we are seen in public together, no one would think that I'm anything but your classy and discreet lover.